Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tent Project

I thought that this weekly blog would be about figures. However, one of the other ZBA's mentioned that he had a Rhodesian Project on the go. I remembered an article from long ago and necessitated a trawl through my 'OLD' mags. I came across the article but also came by a small project. So here it is.

For you youngsters out there. This was written in the days before personal computers.

On a typewriter, (an early word processor!) using pencil and paper (prehistoric design technology) for diagrams.

Equipment Needed

First Issue

The first issue I came across was the fact that the original dimensions were all in 'Imperial' (an ancient system of measurement, still widely, and successfully, used in the colonies, LOL). In a metric (European) world things just did not quite fit.

Metric Plans
'Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail'*. Oh how I wish I'd paid attention.

Cut Out & Glued

While that was sticking I went to phase two, 'The Roof'. I wanted a more flexible look then thick card.

Equipment Needed for Phase 2

H&S Point for all you kids out there: Never use sharp objects whilst under the influence of intoxicants. Please note a Zero percent and not a bad taste if you like 'Cobra' (Don't go for the Kaliber. It was out when this mag was published. It was gopping then and its gopping now!)

Wall Warping
Wall warping, PPPPPP, refer to the above *.This required the fitting of a 'ground sheet', remember to cut out the tab near to the door.

Roof On

I used kitchen roll coated in PVA glue. It sank in the right places but needs to dry hard.

Bigger & Better ?
Whilst awaiting I designed a bigger 'mess tent' as it's called in the original article, it reminds me of an old 8'x8' tent I used in the Forces. Maybe that's why it looks like it does.

And so the project ended for the night as I waited for the roofs to harden. Painting and basing remain.

In the mean time I cast a modellers eye over what I was throwing away and found these!

There has to be something that can be done with thin strips of balsa!!!!

PS how does one get the ZBA banner on their blogspot. It looks rather natty.

See you all soon.


  1. I think it's done on layout and then picture gadget!

  2. Agreed, it looks really well done.

  3. Those tents are very nice. I could use a few for my Old West town. I'm glad you asked about the ZBA icon. I've been wondering the same myself. Do you have to join anything in order to use it?

    1. Joe, I did what AL said above and found it on Google Images and just downloaded it and added to a gadget slot in the design tab. If anyone out there knows if you have to join anything I do hope they'll let me know.

    2. The ZBA is basically joining us over board of the lead (link below) and promoting other ZBA blogs on your own blog. Its just a great way to share stuff

    3. Cheers brummie, I'll go there tonight or tomorrow as the big boy has a rugger game tonight.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  5. What a great post, had me in stitches throughout! That said the tents are certainly taking shape and will be looking forward to an update.

    1. Thanks Michael, its progressing, the drying process is a bit of a pain for an activist like me!

  6. Nice one...well funny :-D What can you do with thin strips of Balsa? Shingle effect Roofing tiles?

  7. Great post Irqan, Nice terrain

    1. TA LAR. I hope ethe rest of it comes out OK. The first coat of paint isn't realistic as I'd like, Nils despurandum

  8. Nice one Irqan! I like the tents and thanks for the tip on Cobra - you are SOOOO right about Kalibre, a very bleurrghh fluid ... so bad you can't call it beer

    1. He, he. I know waht you mean. Since my little issue (more in my next blog)I've become quite an aficioado of none alcoholic brews. Ther are some nice ones out there. Roll on Easter for a proper pint!!

  9. This tent seems original,very interesting to make it.

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  10. Awesome old school project. Good find.