Monday, 30 April 2012

Preview; Riot!

Little Mo pushed a full glass of Canadian whiskey across the table towards his guest, "It's the good stuff Bull, not the watered down rubbish I sell to the Top Hat."
Bull Carr, leader of Purgatory's other gang the Pirates who specialised in robbery, sipped the amber fluid.
"What you want Mo?"
"A truce. This Fed stuff ain't doin' my business no good. How about youse?"
"Same, so whata you want to do about it."
I was thinkin' maybe we could get together create a disturbance and some of the boys could slip out unda the screen."
"A riot is an ugly thing... an' I tink it's justa 'bout time we had one." (shamelessly stolen).

The riot scenario is next in my campaign. I recently read report at 'Welcome to Lazarus', which is excellent if you haven't got there yet, and I struggled with the rules. However I ran a paper and pencil ('cause I'm not allowed pens) exercise and it all became clear. The mob rules (LOL) are very good once you get the hang of them. To save time on the Batrep I'm posting the stats for my mob here. It goes type of character, Rep, Weapon

1. Protester (3) (Y);2. Rioter (4); 3.R4Y; 4. P3Y; 5. R4Y; 6.P3N; 7. R4N; 8. P3Y; 9. R4N; 10. R4N; 11. P3Y;    12. P3N; 13.P3Y; 14. P3N; 15. P3N; 16. R4N; 17. R4N; 18. R4N; 19. R4N; 20. R4N.

I'm now quite looking forward to this scenario. There's going to be a riot.

Good luck out there.


  1. Having played this scenario once, here's a useful tip for those facing the rioters - kill the ringleaders first!

    1. Thanks for that, I'll keep it in mind.

  2. This will be good. Can't wait.

  3. I'm also excited to see this play out.

    1. Me too. Got a busy first half of the week. Hopefully Riot Thurs or Fri! My campaign post for May!

  4. Sounds good. Can't wait. Best of luck