Monday, 9 April 2012

Quarantine-ATZ, Batrep.

The outbreak of an unknown illness had swept through the shanty town of 'Purgatory' (on the outskirts of Moor City NC). The first responders were the MCPD. Whilst the Officers were battling crazed residents, Moor City burghers imposed a quarantine on the town. Old Doc. Holmes had purloined a mess tent from the local National Guard Unit (152nd North Carolina Infantry Regt.) and set up a First Aid post on St Anne's Field. Police Captain Hough Green established a Forward Control Post in Arch. Wright's store, whilst Sgt. Al Lynch and a re-enforced night section secured the quarantine line. They are accompanied by two Special Agents from the proto FBI.

The Night Shift

The Field of Play as per HAVEN Scenario: Looking from the right side.

Turn 1 (5-3)

"Right lads it's simple," the Donegal Sergeant began, "no one gets in or out of that place without my say-so. OK?"
No one dissented.
"Now Jack and George, here, have briefed us all on what to expect, but we still need to be prepared for the usual stuff. Major Square and his comrade are making a foray into Purgatory in order to locate a possible source of this illness. Somewhere down by the railway?"
"Quiet so Sergeant. Mr. Park and I will make our way down to thirty one and take it from there. We hope to be back by dawn and we would appreciate being let out."
The night shift tittered.
"Right you are."

Sergeant Al Lynch briefs his shift

Turn 2 (3-2)

Hamilton Square and Conway Park slipped through the cordon and disappeared into a dark Purgatory.
The Moor City PD night shift dispersed to their assignments.

Hamilton and Conway slip away

Turns 4, 5, 6, 7 (3-5)(4-5)(5-4)(6-1)

"Whose a pretty boy then? Yes you are, yes you are," cooed 'Nozzer' ruffling the cheeks on his dog, Sonny. "When this nonsense is over me and you will take some furlough and go a-huntin' and you can chase rabbits all you like. Yes you can."

Nozzer and Sonny Patrol the Cordon 

Al Lynch watched the display and shrugged. Turning to the rookie that accompanied him he said, "don't take it to heart Dickens. Oswold might be an ejit but his dog has the sense He should have given to 'Nozzer'
Charlie Dickens yawned and snorted in reply.

Turn 8, 9, 10, 11 (5-3)(6-1)(1-6)(1-4)

"This is bloody tedious Jack," moaned George Carter pulling on his umpteenth cigarette of the night. He kept the glowing end shielded from view in the palm of his hand the way Jack had shown him.
Jack Regan took a sip from the boiling coffee that had been supplied from the store, "there's worse duties George at least we're not being shot at."
"Jack you want to see this movie on at the Astoria. Yeah it's a space one, this guy fights a villain to save the world on like a gantry above a huge hole. And you'll never guess but this feller turns out to be the goody's father!"
Jack looked at his partner in disbelief, "thanks for that George! I was hoping to take Vera to that movie when we got off."
"Vera from typing?"
"Yeah, why?"
"It's not her sort of flicker."
"Oh. Really!"
George shut up and continued his beat.

Turns 12(2-3)
Al gets his troops together for one final push before dawn

Turn 13, 14 (2-1)(5-6)

Little Mo sat at his private table in his own shebeen holding a council of war.
"The word in town is da feds got the place sealed tighter then a duck's ..." he said.
"Mo, please," this came from the only female in the quartet, Gloria.
"You takin' orders from a dame now?" this from Turkey Sub.
"Oh yeah sooner that then a screaming chicken."
" I wasn't screaming it was an ancient Apache war cry, and anyway you wasn't that far behind me!"
"It was a tactical retreat! OK!"
A Council of War
"Still don't solve da problem. We gots a delivery to da Top Hat Club in town. Any ideas? Sammy?" Little Mo addressed the brighter of his two lieutenants.
"Boss, de truck's loaded. why don't we do like we did in de old days?"
Little Mo shrugged.
"TS climbs aboard and runs de Fed's blockade."
Turkey Sub left the shebeen, happy.

Turn 15 (6-6)(9-2-3)

Dawn was creeping over the horizon when Turkey Sub's engine alerted the cordon. Sergeant Lynch moved to the barriers as a bootleggers vehicle hove into view.
TS floored the accelerator and drove straight for freedom.
Al Lynch jumped from it's path, "holy sh..." he cried as a couple of rounds spat up the dust in front of him.

The Bootleggers approach the Cordon
Doubles produce an encounter the dice throws revealed a moving vehicle. This turned out to be an SUV in the rules which became the Bootleggers truck. The 'Halt Quarantine' Test revealed AL:55443/TS:55665. It didn't look good for the cops. Round 2: AL:3/TS:664443. Letting TS charge the cordon and AL to dive out of the way.

Turn 16 (2-5)

Jack Regan drew his pistol and fired at the charging truck. Boh shots hammered into the engine truck's engine block. The bootlegger felt the shudder and pulled hard on the wheel. The engine revved as he struggled to keep control. Turkey Sub cried out in pain as his thumbs got caught in the spinning steering wheel. Little Mo's contraband wagon slid to a halt.

Jack and George brought their weapons to bear.

Turkey Sub Loses Control as Relief Arrives
The Spinner in Action
 All the action caused an 'in control' test which TS failed and the vehicle slid to a halt and stalled. The spinner determined the direction it would end up in.

Turn 17 (6-6)(3-1)

"HOLY SMOKE!" cried out George as he saw fire begin to stream from the Mission.

The Mission Ablaze

Jack took no notice and banged two more rounds into the cab.

From behind the Irish brogue of his sergeant sound, "Now Stuart, we know who ye are. So you may as well give yourself up."

Thomas 'Turkey Sub' Stuart realised his game was up and climbed from the cab, hands clutching at clouds.

Turkey Sub Surrenders

Doubles again, and the Mission begins to blaze, too late for it to have any effect on the game. A straight melee between TS and AL is diced for to see if TS surrenders without any more blood shed. TS:6665/AL:3332. Al wins.


Al Lynch and his crew have had a successful, if generally uneventful, episode. Little Mo has lost one off his Lieutenants and more importantly a wagon full of hooch. Purgatory is still locked down and vengeance is on the gangsters mind. The next scenario is RIOT.
Hamilton and Conway still have to make their way through the shanty as they attempt to locate the cause of incident 1.

Having spent many an hour on cordon duty it is bizarre that this is just how it happens. You do nothing most of the time but chin wag and drink caffeine. Then all of a sudden something happens, and just as the lads on duty in MC found that it is contained. I know for a fact that as Jack climbed aboard his vehicle praising their fortune he muttered the copper's second favourite phrase, "One day the bloody wheel will come off."
I LOVE this game.


  1. Nice batrep, Irqan. Good to see our heroes live to fight another day. I absolutely love your third photo with the floodlights. It's very atmospheric. By the way, I LOVE this game, too!

  2. I can only echo the comments above; great, fun game and brilliant set up.

  3. Great batrep, and I love the movie intermission. You're getting better every time.

  4. The flood lights really gives it the right mood!

    Well played!

  5. Great report. Loved the atmospheric photo's

  6. Thanks for your comments guys they're most appreciated.

    The night time photgraphy needs abit of work. I must spend a couple of pints on my tame photographer for another lesson.

  7. Good Bat-rep, very entertaining !
    Roll on the next episode in Purgatory.