Saturday, 14 April 2012

Rambling Early Post

It's been a quiet week in Castle PZ. Just been taking it easy, convalesing as much as the two young viscounts and the Viscountessa  allow, so not much time for gaming. But I did finish off some Zombie babes, a pack of zombie dogs, made some corpses, a few cordon barriers and started on my workies and a converted newspaper team (Photographer and reporter). I need to blog now as well. I may not to be up to it later (see below.)

Ladies Day (headbags seem to be the order)

On the painting stick

As some of you may have gathered I come from the Merseyside area and this weekend is HUGE here. Firstly there is a local derby at Wembly (Liverpool vs Everton for those unaware) in the FA cup semi-final (this is THE professional soccer tourney. Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs). The Viscountessa and the youngest heir are Liverpudlians (reds), whilst the eldest and myself are Evertonians (blues), someone's not going to be happy tonight! After that there is the Grand National, so there'll be sweeps galore at my club, where we will watch the match. Once all this excitment is over on Sunday there's a 7's Tournament in which the eldest is playing. Those of you who don't know 7's rugger its an all day, knockout, competition werein the boys run about a field, whilst the men cheer on from a beer tent! (second only to touring as a day out).
Sadly, it's back to work Monday and straight back into the fray.

If I'm up to it I may post a little Sitrep as to how it all went.

Take care out there.


  1. I'm guessing after all that fun the top photograph might represent closing time in the fair city of Liverpool tonight. Young laddies retrieving their legless spouses; mind you in this case they are also torso-less, and armless! Have a great weekend and good luck back at work.

  2. Nice looking horde, and very good to have some dogs, too. I like the way you did the conversion of the cameraman. Sounds like it's shaping up to be a great weekend. I hope the blues come through for you.

  3. Enjoy the match and good luck to he winning team :D. How big are the zombies? Scale wise?

  4. They look like 20mm to me.

    What a nice little horde!!!

  5. Thanks fellers:
    @MA: So you've been to Liverpool on National weekend.
    @LJ: Thanks, I'm sure he conversions will shape up when painted.
    @Brummie:Ta lar. But the blues let us down, and I got Donkeys in the sweep.
    @LS:Yep about that, they're from the Twilght Range of Bag O'zombie Babes. They do dogs, males and Clowns. About seven quid for 100 plastic zombies (hence the blog name)

  6. Hordes of zombie with dog, this seems good to me! :D