Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Forest Terrain Project- The Final Part

The Final Part

Washed the Trunks with Black Ink

Sprayed with a Cheap can of Spray Glue from £land

LuckyJoe suggested a cheap hairspray as being a good substitute for varnish. Now sadly I got his comment too late but it is defiantley one for the future.

Undercoated New Characters for scale

Same again

This project was so easy to do and I found it fairly relaxing. Not exhibition standard but certainly OK for gaming purposes. The height is also good, more by accident then design. The foliage is thick and that needs thinning and the trees are a bit homogeneous. But as a Mark 1 its fair. Varying lengths of twists and twist concentration should give the further Marks a more varied shape. Now to build the rest of the forest.

Thanks for viewing. Enjoy the rest of your week.


PS I've been lax in responding on your posts. Sorry, but when I catch up with them, during the week, the security processes on the computer I use won't let me post on some of your blogs, and I don't get much time in the evening.  I still think that this community is as good and as friendly as anything. Take care out there.


  1. I've enjoyed making my scenery as well. I agree its very relaxing. The trees look great I think I'm going to be lazy and buy some :D

    BTW Theres a poll over at my blog to pick one of three names for a dog go and cast your vote poll ends tomorrow 0900 and I will post the results!

  2. That really is a cracking result and I think a trip to £land might be in order this weekend.

  3. They are really good, far better than I expected them to turn out. I'm so impressed I may have to have a go myself. The ones I've seen previously done by this type of method have been really naff.
    Great stuff Irqan (must have yet another trip to £land - never spotted the spray glue !)

  4. They look great Irqan and if you enjoyed building them that's even better!

  5. Those came out very well. I'm looking forward to seeing the further marks. I think these will be hard to improve upon.

  6. They have come out exceptionally well. I agree with Luckyjoe - how are you going to improve on these?