Monday, 30 July 2012

Slightly off Topic: Dark Age Warfare. Hidden Merseyside.

I've no real reason for posting this, just that I know many of you out there are into your Dark Age warfare and you may interested.

Like most big Metro Areas most people just think of the cities. However just on the other side of a sandstone ridge from the Mersey is a fairly rural part of the Wirral. Ten minutes from where I live, so the Viscountess, youngest heir and I went for a walk. So what? You say.

Well, in 973 AD one of the largest battles ever fought on British soil occurred in a place called Brunanburgh. Wherein the Vikings were driven from the mainland. The exact site of the battle is not known, for sure and a scholarly debate still rages as to its exact location.

This is our claim. I won't go into all the reasons save for this area is called Brombourgh. The photo is taken from what is believed to be the Saxon lines across the field to the Viking lines on a place called 'red hill'. The view from the other side of the field is (militarily) more impressive as a battle field, however it is difficult to get as the best position to see it is in the middle of the M53.

If you want to know anything more about the site let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do. (NB there is no sign nor visitors centre or anything like that. You need to know someone that is keen on the local history).



  1. Nice little bit of local history mate.

  2. Norse Gael-Celts vs Anglo-Saxons, interesting battle and was supposed to be a bloody one, lots of important dead people.

    landscape looks sweet though.