Monday, 9 July 2012

Patrol - Part 1: All Things Zombie, Batrep, AAR


Gunny Highway has promised to 'get back' PFC Vincent Fragetti, who panicked and fled into the shanty. To this aim the remainder of his RECON platoon is headed back into Purgatory, with a local guide Ernest Carver. (Activation dice convention Zombies-PEF-Player Characters)

Turn 1

Highway dropped from the truck and summoned his platoon. They gathered expectantly about him.

The Platoon 'Move Out'

"Orders," he started. "Ground; as we saw it earlier. We're behind the main drag. That path running down the centre will be our axis of advance. General Situation: Fragetti is is in there somewhere. Carver," he indicated the red bearded civilian, "has some intel that suggests he is in some form of compound at the bottom of the shanty and he's going to guide us there."

"Mission; to get Fragetti out of there. Formation; Jones. Take Johanson, Profile and Carver. The rest with me."

"Execution; Jones, take the left hand side of the track. Search every nook, cranny and shed. We'll do the right. Command and Control; we take no shit this time gentlemen fire on any threat."


Receiving none, he went on "one up the spout and bayonets fixed. Move out!"

The RECON platoon shook out to their tasks. Jones and his team straight to the tentage in front and half right of them, Highway and the remainder pushed through some underbrush.
End of Turn 1

 The free first move.

Turn 2 (4-3)

Stitch Jones cautiously pushed open the flap of the larger of the two tents. Something moved, he brought his rifle to the shoulder, "National Guard!" he barked.

"We done nothing here sir, no need to shoot, we all well." The spark of a lucifer lit up the gaunt faces of a frightened family.

"Sorry guys," Jones said slipping from the canvas shelter.

Highway jogged to the edge of a corrugated iron roofed shack. He took up position facing down the path. In well rehearsed motions Choozo and Quinoness adopted alert all round defencive postures. He heard the crunch of boots on gravel that told him that his number two section had cleared the tents.

The PEFs gathered at the centre of the table having only passed 1d6. All military 'fast moved' Each 'stand' that had to be cleared got a R&R card. One was clear and the other had a couple of NPC survivors.

Turn 3 (5-3)

They came from behind the shack. Four of them, rotting, smelling of decay, crying for blood.


Highway's fire control order cut over the moans of the undead, "Section one. To your front, one round each. FIRE!"

Three zeds disappeared in a gory mist.

Section two formed up next to their commander. Highway, touched his index and third fingers of his left hand to his eyes and finished with a chopping motion in the direction of a field opposite the shack. Jones nodded. He did likewise to the shack behind which they squatted.
'Move Right!'

One of the PEFs moved into sight and got resolved as 4 zeds. Highway got the drop on them and was able to open fire. Each round accounted for a zed. 2 Zeds created on table 2 zone 2 & 5.

Turn 4 (3-3-3) - Rep 4 PEF in 5 - (2-3-5)

Choozo and Quinoness krept around the edge of the shack to the cloth covered entrance. Choozo, checked on his colleague and mouthed the words 'on three'. Quinoness nodded his acceptance.

On Three (NB the PEF)

Jones, Profile and Carver spin into the darkened field.

"Feds!" came a call from the far side of the enclosure as a shot whistled past Jones' shoulder. 

Jones took but a moment to identify the threat from a trio of 'shiners he opened up. His rifle on his hip. Profile followed his example. Both rounds ended the life of a ganger. The evening air was ripped apart as Ernie Carver gave the remaining gang  member both barrels from his shotgun.

"Nice shottin'," commented the National Guard leader surveying the result of Carver's effort.

"Ya ain't too bad yersels, soldier-boy," came the reply.

Gangers meet their fate

'One, two, three,' mouthed Choozo, "MOVE!" he yelled. Both Guardsmen burst, simultaneously, into the one roomed dwelling.

"NATIONAL GUARD!" they screamed as they brought their rifles to bear on whatever was within.

Highway heard the cry of the remainder of his section and lunged at the zed advancing on him. He kept it cool and collected, didn't even put on his killing face. The zed's head sailed from it's shoulders and disappeared into the oncoming darkness.

The shanty's two occupants swung around to face the soldiers as they burst in. Blood seeped from lifeless eyes as they tried to focus. Both creatures bared sharpened rows of twisted teeth, "BRAIIINS!"

Two undead occupants
 Choozo, snapped a round at the creature opposite him, blowing it's head to smithereens. Quinoness fumbled with his rifle, the remaining zed shuffled towards him stretching out its arms in a grotesque gesture of welcome. Mickey Quinoness mind slipped away he screamed and bolted from the room not stopping 'til he felt secure, hidden in amongst the jetsam of a nearby midden.

Quinoness flees

Jones' card revealed three gangers, they proved to be hostile. Jones won the 'draw down' and fired first. Some good dice rolling hit them all OOF or Obviously Dead. Ch & Q's card produced two zeds, which charged them. The former passed 2d6, fired and killed the zed opposite him, the latter ailed 2d6 and retired. Running to hide in the dump until he is found and rallied.


  1. Splendid batrep Irqan and great pictures! Looking forward to part 2!

  2. Failing a Being Charged test and having to Retire, thus leaving your colleague alone and in deep shit. Hmm, a flash of deja vu here! At least Choozo only has one zombie to deal with and not ten!

    Great batrep, Irqan, and I'm very much looking forward to reading part two.

  3. This is a great batrep! It seems to be going fairly smoothly so far for the good Gunny and Co...

    What did you decide to do with your rep/reaction charts?

  4. Cheers guys, it's been a lazy day.

    @CM:Cheers mate.
    @VtG: As your characters well know, failing a 'being charged' test and going mano o' mano with a zed is not a recepie for a long and productive life.
    @Var: I practiced with a couple of the suggestions I was given, but with the length of the task and the potential problems I left them as they are. There was a fair smattering of rep 3's in the mix anyway.

    Catch up to you soon.

    1. Yeah, that kind of makes sense. Regardless of how you did it, this promises to be a great addition to a fantastic campaign.

      I'm enjoying it!

  5. I really like your aproach on this. I think I write it every time hehe.

    Good report! They seem to be holding...mostly...together!!!

  6. The adventure continues and I'm loving it; the guys seem much more calm and organised this outing (good dice rolling or what?).

  7. Great batrep. Gunny must have meant it when he said "take no shit".

  8. Nice batrep sir. I love the story that is unfolding keep it up :D