Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday, ah, Sunday, musings

Well relaxing day is here after another six day week. I find that when I was on, the increasingly mistitled 'three shifts', I had more time for hobbies. Once you hit a 'day job' you end up working all sorts of strange and increased hours and all for no extra reimbersement, I've never figured out how that works. The Viscountessa's hourseless carriage has finally given up the ghost, so that needs replacing today. The boiler is on its last legs and the Castle PZ needs decorating. Also I spent a couple of days chasing down an electrical fault that caused the TV and internet to collapse (not that easy when you're colour blind). Life seems so much easier in my ATZ world (apart from the zeds.)

But focusing on the hobby: I've been following your blogs with interest and posting when I can (not got used to the 'tablet' yet). I've filled in some more gaps in my fiction and finished off the 'Police Tales', soon to start on the 'Army Tales' ( & start editting the former). Played around with the next scenario, which I hope to start tonight and shelved the painting for a sabbatical.

I was sent this by an old army buddy of mine and I had to share it. It sort of has a military theme. Talk of a faux pas!

Her Majesty's Pleasure?

I looking forward to a game this week as I could use and escape from the realities of life. Take care out there, just 'cause your not paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.



  1. someones kilt was not regulation length!

  2. I'm not surprised he's smiling!

  3. LMAO, awesome picture. Badluck on the boiler front now the feeling mate, got Windows, roof leaking, radiator gone grr (non standard size as well)

  4. Wardrobe malfunction! Either that or he just won the wager!

  5. @ DM; I never thought of that, he, he.
    @VtG; I think I know what you mran ;-)
    @Brum; How I empathise with your predicaments!
    @LS; How close were you to this sort of wardrobe malfunction in your kilt? :-).

  6. Speechless! or should that be undie-less?

  7. errr.... oops! I wonder if Her Maj is aware of this pic?

    Keep gaming though Irqan and you will overcome eventually!

  8. If you've got it, flaunt it eh ?

    Good news on the scenario front too.

  9. @Paul: Oh yes, but what's worn under the kilt. Nothing it's all in perfect working order.
    @cm: Now I thought that also.
    @Zab: Yes that's why I keep my undies on at all times!