Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Patrol: Episode 2: ATZ, Batrep, AAR

Turn 5 (6-6-1) (6-1-1)

“Christ Mickey, get yourself back here,” yell Choozo at his colleague’s retreating back.

Hearing the scream Gunny Highway moved to the shack’s front in time to see Qunioness disappearing into the tip.

Inside the remaining zed threw himself at Choozo. The guardsman lunged with his rifle the blade of his bayonet slicing into a rotten chest. The creature hesitated and brought his right arm down across the Springfield’s barrel knocking it from the young Choozo’s grip. It clattered to the floor and a sweeping left hook shattered Choozo’s jaw. The soldier collapsed. He felt no pain as the beast fell upon his unconscious body. 

Brian Malarkey had no idea where he was. In fact he had no idea who he was. The sounds of gunfire brought him too. He raised himself from his slumbers and lurched n the general direction of the sound. The figure of a living being appeared in his range, he knew not why but he had the unerring urge to sink his teeth into the vibrant flesh. A second figure, what was once Alice Jones, walked next to him, but of this he had no interest, that was engaged with the other flesh. Swede Johanson had no comprehension of what bore down upon him.

Highway takes on a Zed

Highway burst into the shanty and a bloodied head rose from it’s feasting. He would have laughed as the zed’s eyes tried to separately focus on the 12 inches of US steel that cleaved its forehead, had it not been for the fact that its last meal had been the son of a friend.

Turn 6 (6-5-4)

Highway returned to what remained of his platoon, “Jones, sitrep?”

“Were all OK Gunny. The others?”

“Quinoness is hiding in the tip at the back of this place. Choozo’s bought the farm. Stay here and hold this position. The rest of you follow me, where going to get Q. Indian file.”

Highway Reassesses his Options
Only Military movement Highway decides to consolidate his position and reassess the options.
Turn 7 (2-2-1) Rep 1 PEF in 6 (3-4-1)

“Move Out!” Highway jogged into the shantytown Profile and Carver falling in behind him.

As they disappeared what the corpse Brian Malarkey and Alice Jones pitched into view. Both Jones and Johanson held their nerve. Alice was dispatched by Jones’ round but Brian kept coming only slowed by a bullet that ripped off his lower left arm.

Indian File

Turn 9 (3-6-1)

Snapping off a round Stitch Jones reduces the number of zeds. Johanson takes a second sight on Malarkey this time his bullet shatters the creature’s brain casing. Half lowering his rifle to admire his marksmanship the big Swede felt a hand slip around his neck from behind. He tried to spin to bring his rifle to bear but the hold was too strong a second hand gripped his jaw. Swede Johanson felt his head being jerked savagely around, he heard the vertebrae in his neck snap, but not the skin being ripped from his muscle.

Jones swallowed. He felt his knees wobble and he clutched tighter to his rifle. He pumped another round into the breach.

Johanson offed one zed as did Jones but the number of zeds was too great and the former was ‘attacked from the rear’ unable to defend himself (R1;3/2:R2;1/4) he succumbed. Jones had to take the ‘see the feast’ test and passed 2d6. 3 more zeds.


More Damn Zeds

Turn 10 (4-5-6)

The zed opposite Jones belched, stretched and left the, mutilated, Swedish corpse. Directing its attention at the Sergeant. The moaning of undead echoed around the shacks. Jones braced himself.

Highway gripped Quinoness and yanked him to his feet. He stared hard into his eyes. He saw a spark, not the blank lifeless look that was so common in the aftermath of Belleau Wood.

“Quinoness! You owe the Guards and me. Big time! Are you going to fall in or do I leave you here?”

The young soldier gazed about his situation. Colour came to his face and a glimmer of recognition appeared and he began to shake, “Gunny, I’m sorry.”

“No time for that now. Grab your rifle and lets get back to Jones. From the sound of it he’s in need of help. Where’s the civvi?”

“He went back when he heard the shooting Gunny,” answered Profile.

“Come on, move out!”

“Gunny,” Quinoness stammered, “thanks Gunny.”

“Quinoness, this don’t mean we’re going skinny dipping together,” replied Highway as he jogged off.

Swede Falls, Ernest falls back to help.

The zed that finished off Swede finished his turns of feasting. Unable to move the military just consolidated their positions. The PEF rolls either led to them moving towards themselves or not moving. The luck of rolling low rep PEFs.
Highway has  a rallied one Guardsman. Stitch & Carver are facing multiple zeds and the PEFs have yet to be resolved.  I'm going to leave it there and write another episode to finish this off later in the week, not that I don't want to it's just that matters get a bit complicated and my notes need sorting out to match the photos which weren't that good. The excitement I suppose.
Take care out there.


  1. Another great batrep, Irqan. Well done to the team for finding Quinoness, but the price (so far) has been very high. I fear there will be more casualties to come.

    By the way, if you're publishing your batreps on the Internet you soon come to realise how important it is to take notes. The more detailed the better.

    1. Don't I know it. I get abit too involved in the game especially towards the end. Note to self, 'must try harder!'

  2. So many dead...and undead....

    Good report mate!

    1. Cheers dude. It was surprise the volume of PEFs and zeds.

  3. Things are looking grim - great batrep btw.

    1. Thanks mate, life does get interesting for the gang if not damned unusual.

  4. GREAT Batrep again. Now it's getting deep... Never ever let yourself get charged by zombies.... that's what I've learned here!

    1. Your not wrong, especially from the rear!

  5. Great report so far. look forward to the next part.

    I'm sure I will be in the same boat when I do my first game!

  6. Solid reporting and action Irqan. This looks real fun!