Thursday, 15 August 2013

IT'S GOING GREAT GUNS: The Force is getting stronger with me.

Since my last post I've been busy both at work and on the hobby front. I can feel the gaming 'force' is strong in me and getting stronger. At work I had to tidy up deal of usual flotsam prior to me taking leave. But forget that! I'M ON LEAVE!

Gaming goodness.

  • Added tails to my chupacabras, as the consensus is they have tails. 
  • Opened a pack of Twilight Games Zombie clowns and took a knife and some green stuff to them. These will become 'Ragers'
  • Based and undercoated the above.
  • Trawled through my additions of ATZ and redesigned some Reaction Charts to suit my game.
  • Started on the backstory.
  • Designed and printed a map of the gaming area.
  • Skim read FFO. (Whilst the eldest heir was under a GA whilst having some teeth done.)

As you may remember I did mention in one of my blogs that I take my Batreps and convert them to prose. I like creative writing but I'm crap at it and I do enjoy filling in the blanks between scenarios. So the backstory is very important to my gaming experience. Anyway here's the cover for my latest escapades.

Anyway take care out there and I'll catch you when I get back from my jollies in about a fortnight.

And now for my latest fad. A beautiful woman to end my blog.

A Brownie point if you can guess who this beauty is!
PS She's used to zombies.


  1. Clowns, zombies, hacking and greenstuff? Sounds like a movie title or at least a bad pub joke! :D

  2. It all sounds good, have a nice break!

  3. Raging zombie clowns? Eww! You've got it all in there (well, apart from Nazis perhaps, but it's hard to see how you could add that...)

    1. Nazis. I hate Nazis. But a good idea. Nazi Smart Zombies, now there's a thing.

  4. I am glad the "Force" has returned. Seems you have been busy indeed. Enjoy the annual leave hope you have a nice break.

    1. Thank you it is good to be back. I'm looking forward to it.

  5. Sounds like a perfect start to a spot of leave and well deserved no doubt! As for the lovely lady it has to be the wonderful Yvonne De Carlo A.K.A. Lily Munster!

  6. Yes I haven't been abroad for years, trouble matching family leave times, so I am really looking forward to it. And yes the brownie points go o Sir Micheal!

  7. You sound full of new enthusiasm, which is great and you've obviously been very busy.
    I've all but finished my overhaul of ATZ and FFO rules to suit my style of play too (including a little work on the reaction tables, though nothing too drastic),