Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Wager, a bottle of mayonnaise, onwards and upwards

Go Leinster!
I'm not really a gambling feller, apart from the Grand National and the odd gentleman's wager at m'club. So as it happened I spun a few quid on Leinster last week with the club's Francophile and won. With cash being so vulgar I gave him the option to bid on a bundle of stuff in an ebay auction and lo and behold I won again and got the below goodies for less then a tenner. Result!

I have plans for all this stuff this week.

Ah the mayonnaise I hear you cry. I dropped a bottle of mayonnaise on the floor. Now it didn't break because it landed on my bloody toe. OK you wouldn't think its that bad would you but it dislocated the digit!


On the plus side; this means that I have got to rest it. So with the prize goodies, my newly found interest in terrain building and the desire to game again I should be in for an interesting week shuffling around my 'man tent'.

With my luck this week (jury is out over the toe thing) I'm off later to buy a lottery ticket. :-)

Good Luck to you all out there.



  1. That was a great game, glad you won a few quid. The toe looks very sore. good look with the terrain, cant wait to see what you come up with

  2. Bad luck with the toe. But everything else seems like a winner.

  3. Frackin hell that toe looks mahoosive! Talk about a week of mixed luck!

  4. And variety is the spice of life, but will you be toeing the line from now ?

  5. See, I'd never trust a jar of mayonnaise! But hey, new toys! :P

  6. Ouch!

    A nice wee win there! Much more useful than the tenner I reckon!

  7. "My toe was dislocated by mayonnaise." That's certainly a talking point, isn't it? Looks very uncomfortable - I hope you recover fast!

  8. Cheers, fellers.It is a strange thing one's healing ability, after yesterday's 'do nothing' day the foot is 80% better, marvelous. thanks for your thoughts.