Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Leter from Home (weekly Blog & Backstory with a question!)

Camp Unsworth,
Moor City,
North Carolina.

Dear May,

I hope this finds you well. Just a short note to let you know that I am OK.

I can't tell you much of what is going on here. However, I am pretty scared. We went on a couple of patrols last week and Gunny saved our bacon. Things got a bit sticky.

By now you may know that Vinny Fragetti is not in a good way. He got separated from the platoon and when we found him he had lost his mind. He will be coming home soon.  Mickey Quinoness is also struggling. He managed to get Vinny back to base before he started to loose it. We're lucky, Gunny Highway's seenit all before and is taking good care of us. I don't mean he's reading us a story and giving us a goodnight kiss (Lord I'm begining to sound like him). 

Mario 'bought the farm' and the his Father Sergeant Major Choozo is pretty cut up about it. It does mean that Webster is now Acting Segreant Major,which ain't so good for us. We are getting the rough end of all the duties and we have a whole week of quarentine duty starting this weekend. Swede Johanson and Jay Hicks are no longer with us. Please send my condolences to Old Mrs Johanson and I know you were close to Jay's sister Jane and Helga Johanson also. They died well doing their duty.

Love to all.

Your beau,
Stitch. XXX

PS. Thankyou for the photograph of you and your sisters, I keep it close to my heart.

Jane, May, Helga. Spring 193*


Spring 2012. Which era would YOU like to live in?

Spring 2012


  1. Great backstory. At first I thought there was going to be something about a Bible. That was an old West term for the Bible, "letter from home". I think I'd definitely go for 2012.

  2. Nicely done Irqan, and whichever has the least zeds!

  3. This great bit to add to the story. To be honest I like both pics:D

  4. Well... I DO like 2012... I would mind spending some time "living" in Jane...

    Wait, was that not what you meant??

  5. Cheers Guys for the comments. This was just a post to keep my 'post-a-week' resolution as I have not done much on the hobby front as I've been busy at work.

    @LJ: I'm with you on the era thing, maybe it's our age (LOL). That 'old west' thing was interesting any idea were it came from?

    @Col: Ha, ha, yes the least zeds the better. I'm not too sure about this era. Especially when I go into my local town shoppping centre. Zeds everywhere.

    @Brummie: TA, but as you can see from the above it was just a bit of a folly. I was thinking of Batreping a letter style post. Similar to Lord S's diary thing.

    @Var: OOOO you are naughty.