Sunday, 8 July 2012

Friday gaming; Saturday more gaming & Gaunlet; Sunday lunchtime pint

I had a good weekend for hobbying. Friday I started my 'Patrol' game and finished it this morning. Batrep to follow. I'm enjoying VtG's one at the moment. But here's the table to start with.

Aeriel View

Soldier's Eye View (with PEFs)

Saturday; the game continued, in the early hours. The heir went into the big city, the Viscountess was in bed (she does a nightshift at a hospital) and I took the youngest to Gauntlet 2012. In hindsight I would have gone later and left him at home. So I won't pass comment, save to say I did enjoy the bit that I saw of it. I would have liked to stay longer and converse with more gamers. However I did meet 'Goose on the Loose' from 28mm blog, which was nice. Here's some pictures.




One of the many wargame competitions

A nice Boridino set piece

A Simple but VERY effective 6mm Game

Black Powder
Deeside Defender's D&D: 18' long table

Sunday. Just catching up on my blogs. I've been absent for a couple of days and there has been loads of posts. Uploading the photos & tidying up Batrep. Sunday lunchtime pint at 'm'club'.

Home in time to cook the roast (Hmmm Chicken).

Well time to whistle up a Hanson.. I hope all your weekends have been as good as mine.
Thanks for all your blogs and or reading mine. All the best.


PS: 'Patrol' Batrep will arrive ASAP.


  1. Looks great, some nice tables. Enjoy your pint and look forward to the 'patrol'

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my epic batrep. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how Tom Highway and his lads do in your own batrep.

    Like you, I also had roast chicken for lunch. Lovely!

    Pics from wargaming conventions always make me jealous that I couldn't attend. Most conventions are far too far away for me to travel to.

  3. That first picture is of Spartan Games' Dystopian Wars miniatures. They may well have been playing Aeronef, in fact, that's not a bad idea at all....

    Great pictures! I'm really looking forward to the next batrep. I'm excited to see what direction you took the Rep/Reaction Chart ideas.

  4. Table's looking good. I'm looking forward to the batrep. Nice pics from Gauntlet.

  5. Looks like some great games! and you had chicken too, can't be bad!!

  6. Thanks for the pics and the image of a roast chicken dinner mate!

  7. Yay ! Roll on the bate-rep

    Show game photos look good btw

  8. D&D table is looking sweet as is yours!

  9. Hi, Was good to see you at Gauntlet.
    Pity you couldn't have stopped for longer.
    I was rather involved in my game, so appologies for not taking longer to give you the guided tour.
    Be good to see you again next year. I will be writing a full report this week.